What Technology Do You Need When Travelling Italy

Although Italy has the reputation of being a friendly nation, it can be quite daunting to explore this country, particularly if you happen to be a foreign tourist. Here you’ll come across lots of new customs, language barriers, places of interest, as well as cities and towns to explore. To make certain that you get the most out of your Italian trip, we have mentioned what technology do you need when travelling Italy. I got a lot of ideas from mytech.reviews for this post by the way.

A. Handy Technological Gadgets:
1. USB charger
While touring Italy, it is natural for you to be away from a power source for a considerable period of time. However, this issue can be solved by a lipstick-sized external USB power bank which will allow you to charge your camera, phone, iPad or any other USB device while you’re on the go.
2. Noise-canceling headphones
At times it might be quite noisy, particularly at the railway stations and the airport terminals. However, you’ll be able to overcome this problem by carrying noise-canceling headphones along with you which will provide you with the much-needed peace as well as tranquility.
3. iPod Touch
This particular device will provide you with an alarm clock as well as a flashlight, not to mention a currency converter as well. Moreover, it can also serve as an entertainment device which will allow you to keep your mood upbeat anytime anywhere.
4. A handheld GPS
According to lots of travelers, the best part of touring this country will be to enjoy getting lost in the side streets and little alleyways. However, being able to find your way out will take a lot of stress out of your traveling. For example, in case you have just finished exploring a museum in Rome and would like to satisfy your taste buds in a nearby restaurant, the GPS will be able to show you all the eateries near your present location. In case the cab driver is not able to guide you to an appropriate resort, you can always depend on your GPS to find out an ideal accommodation for you. Although a bit expensive, this gadget is definitely worth the investment.
5. Water Purifier
A water purifier will be able to save a lot of stress as well as money while you’re traveling in Italy and you also need not worry about getting sick all of a sudden because of consuming contaminated water. At present, you’ll find lots of water purifiers in the form of water bottles which makes it extremely convenient to carry them anywhere you like.
B. Travel Apps:
1. Google Maps
This is probably the best tool to have with you while you are touring Italy. Moreover, the good thing is that it can be accessed right from your smartphone. Google maps will help you to find out restaurants, pubs, as well as notable points of interest quite easily and thus, will help you to save a considerable amount of time and energy. There is no need to worry about the bothersome paper maps any more or getting some wrong information from the locals.
2. StreetArt Roma
While visiting Italy, exploring the different points of interest should be on the top of your list. StreetArt Roma happens to be a fantastic app which will allow you to get information regarding all the traditional art which are on offer in Rome, including the Vatican, Colosseum, as well as the Roman Forum.
3. ProntoTreno
Traveling by railways will be a fantastic way to reach any particular tourist spot in Italy and. ProntoTreno will assist you to do exactly that. Apart from helping you to simplify the booking as well as managing of the train tickets, this app will also allow you to verify the status of your reserve trains and plan your journey accordingly.

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