Top Delicious Recepies From Sicily

Recipes and food from Sicily are actually some of the worlds most singled out cuisines, and this comes with a perfectly good reason. For hardcore foodies, however, the cuisine itself is enough reason for the journey. Of course, every destination in the world has its local culinary treats to offer, its own way of cooking or solay, but for dedicated food epicureans, no other place offers as much culinary diversity, history, and sheer wealth of quality ingredients as holidays to Sicily. Sicily has a lot of cultural heritage which consist of a mixture of many cultures hence offers different recipes that have been with their very own ingredients. The following are the top 6 Top Delicious Recipes from Sicily.

1. Mushroom Arancini

Arancini is made up of risotto rice which has been breaded and deep fried. The arancini is made by mixing risotto into balls and putting cheese at the center. They then rolled to form breadcrumbs. You must try this dish when you visit the Island and the shape of the arancini will depend on where you are stuffing from. They are the best snack as you walk down the streets of the island’s main cities and towns.

2. Caponata

Caponata contains pine nuts, raisins, aubergines, and plenty of vinegar. It should be served at room temperature normally as an antipasto. When fried with tomatoes, onion, and celery it can be used as a stew. You can also flavor it using olives, pine nuts, capers, and raisins. You can then sweeten it using sweet vinegar. Due to its external influence, it’s now a familiar menu across Europe.

3. Raw red prawns

Since you are on an island, you should expect seafood and fish to be obvious. You will enjoy Italy’s red prawns (Gambero Rosso) which are caught by the local fisherman. You can have the best Gambero Rosso from the western coast of Italy. The hotels just add olive oil and lemon juice and serve them raw which makes them a good retreat foodie when visiting Sicily.

4. Pasta Alla Norma

You will the most delicious and famous paste in Catania which is located on the East coast of Sicily. It is made up of local aubergines, ricotta salata, tomatoes, basil, garlic, and salted ricotta.

5. Pasta con le sarde

This is one of the best vegetarian Sicilian dishes. It’s made up of salted anchovy fillets, Fresh sardines, and wild fennel. You then add raisins, pine nuts, and saffron which is then stirred through bucatini (a particular type of spaghetti that has a hole in the middle). Many hotels in Sicilia will sprinkle crisp bread crumbs to add extra texture. Sometimes they also add white almonds and white wines to add extra taste.

6. Involtini di Pesce spade

The swordfish rolls are topped with lemon, capers, olives, raisins, and pine nuts. They are then rolled into spirals and secured using a skewer. After they are rolled, they are later baked, grilled or fried to bring out  the taste of Sicilian cuisine.

The historical-cultural background, the stunning places, the unique cuisine and the mild weather make Sicily one of the most desirable touristic destinations of the Mediterranean Sea. Sicilian local recipes and regional culinary delights await us.

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